Ibiza Weekender spoiler! One rep gets the sack in tonight's show

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Ibiza Weekender sees a shock firing in tonight's latest episode.

Ibiza Weekender took a break last weekend for the start of new ITV2 series Survival Of The Fittest.

But the show is back tonight at 9PM on ITV2 in its usual place - and there's a LOT of drama.

With HR breathing down his neck, Head rep David (El Jefe, ‘ the boss’ in Spanish) decides to crack down on the reps. The whole team are all hoping to have a better weekend - but the arrival of a surprise guest for Jordan throws them into chaos yet again.

With ‘El grand jefe’ on David’s back to make changes to the team he is keeping a close eye on all reps.

 Ibiza Head Rep David
Ibiza Head Rep David

Behind Marlie’s back, the team are all starting to vent their frustrations with her gossiping and unprofessionalism. Especially when Marlie lets slip to the guests about Jordan and Chyna’s relationship – is she really a team player?

Callum is proving himself as a great rep so far but is struggling to know where he stands with Molly –after throwing an impromptu relaxed romantic evening for them both Molly falls asleep before he can get any straight answers.

With the guests finding romance between themselves they hardly notice when the team is thrown into chaos with the arrival of Jordan’s surprise guest, his girlfriend.

Needless to say, Chyna Ellis is left rather shocked by the arrival.

Left with plenty of explaining to do, Jordan’s world is turned upside down as the new girl reveals to everyone how serious they’d been before the Ibiza season.

Ibiza Rep Jordan
Ibiza Rep Jordan

It results in Jordan and Chyna’s relationship, and even jobs, at risk.

David pulls off an amazing night for the guests saving their holiday but with another turbulent weekend behind them, he is forced into making a change and losing the weak link, David throws it open to the group to vote but is left making the final decision anyway and after an emotional goodbye they wave goodbye to Marlie.

Ibiza Weekender airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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