Survival Of The Fittest drama as fun and games turn sour

Jenny and Georgia at replacement.

Fun and games in Survival Of The Fittest cause drama in tonight's episode.

The Girls and Boys are enjoying celebrating Warren’s birthday, and begin to play a game.


Warren explained: “We had a bowl of questions rolled up and we had to go round, read a question out and nominate a person to answer and they had five seconds to do so,” he says.

Some of the questions include “Three reasons why your team is going to win” and “Three people you would replace.”

New girl Sam had to describe David in three words.

 Lottie and Sam play the game.
Lottie and Sam play the game.

“Fun, good body and energetic,” she tells the group.


“Do you fancy him then?” Callum asks.

“I do fancy two people in here but I’m not saying…” Sam teases.

Later, Ryan asks Sam, “Name the top three boys that you’re feeling.”

Sam replies to Ryan: “James. Yourself. I haven’t really got a third one.”

David looks disappointed his name isn’t in the mix before Callum is asked who he would Replace from The Lodge and he says Georgia.

Warren is then asked who he things the bitchiest people in The Lodge are and he says Georgia and Jenny. Georgia gets annoyed.


In the Tree House, Warren explains: “Georgia refused to play the game, Jenny had a face like a slapped a*se. They started acting like their shoe size not their age.”

The group splits as the game comes to a sour end.

Jenny says of the Boys: “Their plan is to crack the group again… I think they were just trying to have some fun tonight and it just got out of hand. I am disappointed in Warren.”

Mettisse then gets angry that Georgia and Jenny are then talking about the Boys and that the night has ended like this.

Georgia and Jenny annoyed at game.
Georgia and Jenny annoyed at game.

“It’s Warren’s birthday and I think it’s so disrespectful. Do you think when he looks back at his 30th birthday this is what he wants to [remember]?” she says.

In the Tree House, Georgia says: “After the drama apparently that I caused, I was ruining Warren’s birthday. I ain’t dealing with drama tonight. The girls are hating on me and Jenny so I thought the best thing to do was go and apologise.”


Will Georgia make up with Warren and clear the tension in The Lodge or is the damage done?

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9.30pm on ITV2