Big Brother's Sam Chaloner and Ellie Young have split up

Ellie and Sam

Big Brother's Sam Chaloner and Ellie Young are very much over, in case you were wondering.

The pair got together during last summer's series but it hasn't lasted.


Sam this week spoke out over the pair's split, which has turned somewhat messy.

The former couple have blocked one another on social media after their relationship fizzled out following clashes.

And Sam has put the blame at Ellie's feet.

Sam and Ellie
Sam and Ellie.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "We were genuinely happy wasn't fake we did love each other but when we went out Ellie would have a bit of a drink and we clashed every time.

"It was to do with jealousy.... every time we went it out it was building up and building up.

"We had a massive row in front of everyone in Manchester one night… it was embarrassing as we were meant to be doing an appearance."


He continued to tell how the pair later rowed after Ellie revealed plans of working in Magaluf.

"For me if you are doing that job you have got to be single to do that... what am I going to do sit in and wait?" he said "One night she suddenly started getting upset and I asked what was up and she goes 'it is the thought that being with you I am never going to be able to work in Magaluf again'.

"I thought it was ridiculous and then we had a row because of it."

Sam says he asked for a break in the relationship, prompting Ellie to finish it.

He concluded: "I honestly wish her all the best but she doesn't see my messages as we have blocked each other online as we want to move on but I did care about her.

Ellie and Sam
Ellie and Sam.

“I wish her all the best and there are no hard feelings but now it is time to do our own thing."

However Sam also added: "I can't say we won't get back together as you don’t know what the future holds but we are civil to each other we certainly aren't enemy."


Meanwhile, Ellie tweeted today: "I've had so many emails asking me to spill on my breakup, I have never spoken out, so much I want to say but I'm better than that and just going to sit back and let everyone think what they want 👍🏻"

Big Brother airs on Channel 5.

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