Survival of The Fittest spoilers: Mariam Musa and Callum Pardoe share a kiss

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Mariam Musa and Callum Pardoe share a kiss on tonight’s Survival of The Fittest.

In this evening’s episode, Mariam and new girl Mettisse Campbell are talking about the challenges… and Callum. Mariam is surprised at her feelings towards him.

Mettisse says: “The way he is, the way he makes you laugh, I’m like, ‘this makes you so attractive.’”

Mariam says: “It’ll be nice if he would grow up just a little bit more. I’m immature but there is a limit.”

Later in the Tree House, Mariam says: “He makes me laugh so much, he makes my belly hurt.”

Callum and Mariam share a kiss.
Callum and Mariam share a kiss.

Later, Callum and Mariam are laying on the day beds.

“I fancy you,” Callum tells her, “You’re 23 yeah? I like mature girls. I like a cougar,” he teases.

“Do you want a kiss?” he asks her before leaning in for a snog.

In the Tree House, Callum says: “I like Maz, she is really cool isn’t she. We always get along, we just had a little chat and I thought why not… It was this romantic, magical moment I’ll remember forever,” he smiles.

In the Tree House, Mariam says of the kiss: “It came out of nowhere! You know when you’re fighting it? I gave in.”

Meanwhile, James Middleton is going after Georgie Clarke – despite Ryan Cleary previously making a move.

“I’ve decided I’m going to step my game up with Georgie,” he says. “I know Ryan likes her but I’ve been watching them and I don’t think she vibes him as much. He is following her around a little bit.”

In the Tree House, James says: “I think Ryan just needs to accept that his relationship with Georgie is not a romantic one and he needs to take a step back now.”

Later, James tells some of the boys he is going to talk to Georgie.

James chats to David and Warren about Georgie.
James chats to David and Warren about Georgie.

David tells him: “It might be worth speaking to Ryan to tell him what you’re going to do.”

“I like Ryan,” James replies, “but personally, I don’t think I need to tell Ryan what I’m going to do with Georgie.”

Could cracks be starting to show in the tightness of the Boys’ team as loyalties are tested to their limits?

Survival of the Fittest continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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