Celebrity Big Brother's Malika Haqq is missing her pregnant best friend


Malika Haqq tells Big Brother she's missing her pregnant best friend in tonight's show.

The US reality star gets upset over missing her friends and family back in the States.


She says: "My best friend is pregnant and I've not talked to her in a month.

"This is really hard for me. I just want to know that she's okay and that she's happy.

"And I love all of them, so much that I'm sitting here crying about it."

Malika continues: "I know that when I leave, I'll be able to reflect on my time here very differently than how I'm reflecting in here.

"I think the closer I am to leaving, I know how ready I am to leave."


Elsewhere in tonight's show, Malika cries to Ashley James about wanting to exit the series.

She tells the Made In Chelsea star: "I don't live a competitive life at all. I don't fight and bitch and moan and try to pick out the horrible things about people all day.

"It sucks for that to be a practice in my life. That makes me be someone that I'm not. And that's truly uncomfortable. I'm bored with this. I don't want to do this kind of s**t any more."

Malika continues: "My life is better than this. It's full of love and acceptance and like camaraderie and it's not saying that I don't have that here but it's like, I don't care to fight.

"I don't care to tell someone what I think about them So what, that's your problem. In my life I don't deal like that. I've grown very tired of the structure of this."

Malika then concluded: "I've done the best that I could thus far. Kicking, screaming crying, I've done all that I can."

Malika could get her wish tonight as she faces the latest eviction of the series.

A total of SIX housemates are up for the chop this evening - and THREE will go.


Those up for the axe alongside Malika are Ann Widdecombe, Amanda Barrie Ashley James, Shane Lynch and Shane Jenek / Courtney Act.

Shane J had six nominations, Malika and Ann had 3 votes, Amanda two and Ashley and Shane L each had one nomination.

celebrity big brother poll six

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.


The next live eviction airs tonight from 9PM.

The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 final takes place on Friday, February 2.

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