Celebrity Big Brother's Ann Widdecombe and Shane Jenek clear the air

Shane and Ann.

Ann Widdecombe and Shane Jenek had a heart to heart in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday.

The pair hugged things out, after Shane J also cleared the air with Amanda Barrie.


Shane J and Amanda had clashed in last night's episode over comments he had made about Ann and her views on topics such as abortion and gay marriage.

In tonight's show, Amanda tells Shane J: "I wasn't upset, I just got a bit angry. I've got nothing against you. Your opinions or anything else. I just think to face the person and say it.

"I like you personally, I think if you've got to say something, say it to Ann. "

"I don't want everyone to agree with my opinion at all," Shane J insists.

Amanda continues: "I sometimes think that it'd be a blessing if people didn't expect other people to accept them.


"You can't ask people to accept you, or a community. You can only accept individuals and the way they behave."

Later, Shane J approaches Ann in the garden.

He says: "I've come to say thank you for being here in the house and thank you for being you. I am a young person who is passionate about things and I've brought lots of deep or heavy conversations to you.

"I do appreciate you being so respectful and willing to have those conversations."

"It's our last week and I'd rather focus on all the positive things.

"We don't all need to agree on everything. Both you and Amanda are inspiring people."

Ann replies: "I always judge people on how kind and decent they are which is why Amanda and I get on so well."

She adds: "I don't judge people by their opinions or their sexuality."


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, it's nominations time again - but who will be up for eviction?

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