Celebrity Big Brother fans back Shane Jenek after clash with Amanda Barrie

Amanda Shane

Celebrity Big Brother viewers are on Courtney Act / Shane Jenek's side after a clash with Amanda Barrie tonight.

A tense confrontation in the bathroom saw the pair come to blows over Ann Widdecombe.


Shane took aim at Ann's views on abortion and gay rights, but Amanda defended Ann and took a swipe at Shane's own actions in the house.

Amanda, as well as Wayne Sleep, accused Shane of soapboxing before walking away from the argument.

Most of those watching backed Shane's side, at least according to a Twitter poll carried out by Bit On The Side's Rylan.

"So I need to know. Who’s side was you on," he asked Celebrity Big Brother fans.


At the time of writing, two thirds of those who responded backed Shane (67%) to Amanda (33%)

In the comments, a variety of opinions were expressed after the latest highlights show.

@TheCareKid wrote: "Amanda is at a time of her life when such issues may not seem too relevant to her now. But they’re still as much a problem as they’ve ever been and Shane is a fantastic advocate of this causes @courtneyact"

@_SarahGeorgina posted: "100% Shane. They could've had a civilised conversation but she was so patronising pointing that bloody finger 😑"

And @virtuaIIyjess shared: "100000% shane, i’m really disgusted by what amanda just said and what i just watched, i’m shocked"

Those supporting Ann included @kealycopy who tweeted: "I liked Shane J at the start but now I just think he came in with an agenda. I don't agree with any of Ann's views but I am so bored with Shane J's lobbying against her. Amanda is a lovely lady and she was right to tackle him."

@bigbrotherwikia agreed: "I know that Shane J dislikes Ann's views. But why does he have to keep bringing it up? He is contributing to the problem. However Rylan, I would like to see what you think tomorrow night."

Shane J
Shane J

Former CBB housemate James Jordan was also firmly in Amanda's camp.

He tweeted: "AMANDA IS AMAZING!!! #CBB #CBBOTS Amanda just destroyed Shane/Courtney"


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Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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