Celebrity Big Brother's Courtney Act in tears after Andrew Brady's exit and clash with Ann Widdecombe

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Courtney Act (Shane Jenek) closed last night's Celebrity Big Brother's highlights crying by herself.

Three housemates got the boot in Friday night's Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eviction results.


Shane/Courtney , Andrew Brady, Jonny Mitchell and Daniel O’Reilly were all up for the public vote.

First out with the fewest votes to be saved, was Andrew. Second to be evicted with the next fewest votes from viewers was Love Island's Jonny. With the next fewest votes, Daniel (Dapper Laughs) was eliminated leaving Shane J/Courtney as the sole survivor of the brutal eviction.

And losing her pals - especially Andrew - seemed to really get to her.

At around 4AM, she retreated to the smoking area to cry alone.

While many felt sympathy for Shane/Courtney, as one begged Big Brother to let them into the house: "I just wanna give him a hug. 😥😥😥"


But others were more cynical.

One wrote on Twitter: "Shane J is playing the biggest game to win this, from the moment his skirt fell off twice on entering the House. He knows by crying he will get sympathy."

Another agreed: "Just for the camera"

Earlier, following the eviction an upset Courtney was comforted by Ashley James.

"You've lost your friend, your lover and your other boy friends," she said. "We can have some drinks in their honour. I'll get in the hot tub with you but I draw the line at the hickey, not that you'd want it from me anyway. Andrew will be there on the outside."

Courtney joked: "By Friday he'll have already shagged 20 birds and be like 'Courtney who?'."


Meanwhile, Courtney/Shane clashed with Ann Widdecombe who was not at all impressed.

“I never look forward to seeing Courtney," she said. "Whereas Shane J in his normal moods is a nice young man….Courtney is a brassy type of woman.


“I don’t need to explain, she’s a chav. All of England can see that. I don’t really like Courtney.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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