Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Andrew Brady confronts Ann Widdecombe

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Andrew Brady confronted Ann Widdecombe in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house yesterday.

It follows a clash in which Andrew branded Ann a "c**t", albeit behind her back.


Andrew was left fuming with Ann, who he called "evil", after she remarked how his mum and grandmother would be watching him in the house.

Ann nominated Andrew in face to face nominations, as well as Shane Jenek, for what she claimed were 'inappropriate' acts.

Afterwards, Andrew raged: "I'm gonna tell her and I'm gonna tell her straight. She needs to know. Where I'm from you'd wake up in a f***ing ambulance.

"She's a c***."

Well in the house yesterday (Thursday), Andrew did confront Ann but fortunately no ambulances were needed.


"As soon as someone gets my family into it, I get very protective," he told her in a chat at the smoking area.

"You don't need to protect them, I didn't say anything about them," Ann responded.

Andrew insisted she was being "disrespectful" but Ann stood by her view: "They're [your family] watching and I'm really quite concerned that you should be aware of that."

Andrew then tried to turn the tables, bringing up Ann's views on gay marriage and abortion.

"If I was related to you, I'd be ashamed," he told Ann.

However it didn't get quite the reaction he may have hoped.

Ann calmly responded: "Fine. That doesn't worry me. So why does it bother you?"

Andrew then brought the chat to an end: "I'm going to forgive you. You're just another person in this house."


"Poor old Andrew," signed Ann as he walked way.


Out of earshot, Andrew then remarked: "F**king witch."

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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