Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Will Andrew Brady 'turn' for Courtney Act / Shane Jenek?

Andrew and Courtney.

Andrew Brady and Courtney Act / Shane Jenek's relationship was up for discussion again in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

In a bathroom chit chat, Shane discussed Andrews possibility of 'turning' with Amanda Barrie and Wayne Sleep.


Shane said: "People out there might see, might say, oh Andrew likes boys, or they might say, Shane's in love with Andrew or they might just see two boys who have this special..."

Wayne then asked: "You don't think there is any potential for turning?"

"No and I think turning's not the right word, that's an implication that we..." Shane began before Wayne interrupted again.

"I wouldn't say that he wouldn't give a shot at it if it it so occurred," Wayne suggested. 'I like the openness of exploration."


However when it did come to any potential relationship beyond friends between the pair, Wayne claimed Andrew wasn't as mature for Shane "for what you want."

"He's like a Bambi. He's like a bull in a China shop," said Wayne.

Shane continued: "But he's also very smart.... I think in today's society, a young heterosexual man has a lot to lose in that respect and I really admire him for not giving a f**k about that and leaning into that."

"He's open minded and he's free and I hope that never gets beaten out of him.," agreed Wayne.

The trio then discussed how "handsome" Andrew saw.

"He's just so pretty. He's good eye candy what me and my husband would say," Wayne gushed.

Last night's highlights show saw Courtney and Andrew appear to clash in a chat over Ashley James.

Andrew admitted he would "smash" Ashley, following Ginuwine's exit.


Courtney commented: "All of a sudden you decide you love Ashley now tonight."


She added: "This isn't me being the jealous girlfriend. I support you and your seed sowing."

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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