Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates enjoy snowy hot tub fun

ashley ginuwine cbb

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been enjoying time in the hot tub, in the snow.

Ashley James and Ginuwine had a "cool" time, once the Made In Chelsea star ensured her "boo boos" were covered.


As the pair got cosy in the water, Ashley said: "I've been a factor 50 person for a long time because I'm going to be a very attractive grandmother."

Wayne Sleep went to join the pair before Ashley joked: "Darling, I'm cheating on you in the hot tub."

But it was all too much for Malika, who declared: "It is so damn cold out here, you people are nuts."

The latest flirting between Ashley and Ginuwine follows the pair's very touchy massage last night.


In the latest episode, Malika gave Jess a back rub while Ginuwine pleased Ashley.

"Lower, lower, lower. This is so nice," Ashley said.

"I don't know about you Malika but I'm getting turned on," Ginuwine reacted.

"You're on your own buddy," responded Malika

"Shall we leave?" asked Jess.

All the fun and games will soon leave as one housemate is evicted TONIGHT in a backdoor exit.

Ann Widdecombe, Daniel O’Reilly, John Barnes and Amanda Barrie all faced eviction, after being put up in another men v women twist.

In Sunday night's show, the men and women were called to separate rooms. Big Brother told both groups: "By the time that you have left this room you will have made a very important decision.

celebrity big brother 2018 eviction results

"As a group, you must unanimously agree which two housemates that you would like to face eviction this week."

The men chose Amanda Barrie and Ann Widdecombe to put up for eviction while the women chose John Barnes and Daniel O'Reilly.


The two sides then began a competition to win control of the house. The winning team will have the power to evict one of their two nominated housemates.

The results of the secret Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eviction will air from 9PM on Channel 5 this evening.

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