Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jess Impiazzi left in tears after row over washing up

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Jess Impiazzi is left in tears after a row in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

The Ex On The Beach star 'explodes' in an argument about washing up.


In this preview clip from this evening's episode, we see Jess in bed crying.

Meanwhile, in the living area, Rachel Johnson says: "Some people have been doing a lot of work visibly and some people haven't been seen washing up.

"And I said, I've not seen Jess washing up and then she went 'Whoa'.

"You have no idea, she went Vesuvius. We've got to stop being so sensitive, everybody."

In the bedroom, Jess sobbed: Now they think I'm an idiot, it wasn't even about that. It wasn't about that. It's stupid. I don't know why I've burst into tears."


As Ann Widdecombe and Amanda Barrie comforted her, Jess continued: "It's ridiculous. I just feel like an idiot now."

Amanda said: "You are not an idiot. Remember, everyone in here is under stress. You're not by any means the only person."

But Jess went on: "Now everyone's going to think I'm this stupid little girl and that's not what I wanted."

Ann replied: "If they did which they don't, what does that matter? Why are you living your life by how other people perceive you?"

Maggie Oliver then gave Jess a hug as the glamour model sobbed: "It's just so hard in here."

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, the fallout from Ann's decision in last night's nominations twist continues.

After being put up for eviction by Ann, Maggie discusses the 'pain' that Ann has caused her by nominating her.

Maggie and Jess.
Maggie and Jess.

And now with the power alongside Daniel, Ann cries for "order" in the house. Ann delivers Big Brother's message and tries to get order in the house.

Plus, Rachel is asked about her brother's hair style by the other housemates.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Tonight's episode airs live from 9PM and 10:30PM.

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