Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ashley James and Ginuwine get VERY cosy

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Ashley James and Ginuwine seemed to enjoy a cheeky snog on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

The pair shared a bed together, despite Ashley originally protesting against the idea.


She had told the housemates: "I don't think this is the environment to be sharing a bed with a guy that there's a romantic link with.

"I don't want to be the one girl sharing a bed with a guy."

But as the night drew in, the couple snuggled up together under the covers.

They got close under the duvet at the end of the latest highlights show.

Earlier, Ashley had struggled to describe her current relationship with Ginuwine.


"We are seeing each other. But we're not like, it's not like we're in a couple," Ashley told Andrew.

Andrew replied: "Everyone who I've seen I think does things which you and him both won't do in here which in turn makes me think.. Cos I wouldn't consider myself seeing someone unless I've seen everything, the whole shabang You know what I mean."

"I think that's different. I like the dating process," Ashley responded.

Andrew continued: "I don't 'see' people, I date people or am in a relationship with people. I see the premise of 'seeing' as having a relationship without the commitment. I think if I really like someone I'll make it official early because I want to know where we stand."

Ashley said: "But in here we're not dating.. are we? We're not going on dates."

She concluded: "He's my companion. I think even Ann would appreciate that term."

Ashley and Ginuwine.
Ashley and Ginuwine.

However the whole thing has bored many viewers.


"I think Andrew interrupting Ashley talking about Ginuwine and asking her to wax his arsehole pretty much sums up every viewers opinion on the Ashley/Ginuwine thing. #CBB," posted one to Twitter this week.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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