Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Malika Haqq fumes over Rachel Johnson


Malika Haqq rages over Rachel Johnson in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights.

Malika has plenty to say about Rachel, and rants about the journalist in the bathroom.


She complains to the other housemates: "She's a hater. If it's not what she thinks or what is inclusive for her, she's a hater.

"She's the type of person who's like 'Your pyjamas are so cute' then she's like, 'I have a pair too but mine are silk'.

"It's not that she's not a good person, she's got a jealousy side of her and she shows that and she doesn't know she shows that."

Malika continues: "She's looking at [Ashley] with G, telling her 'This is so great and fun'. and then behind her back she's like 'Ashley's having a snuggle with G' to the others, you can't play both sides like that.

"I think Rachel cares a lot of other's opinions. She wants to be the cool girl who hangs out with the guys outside, but then she wants to curve off to be with the older girls.


"She likes to jump the fence. So in order to jump the fence, she plays both sides."

It's not just Rachel that Malika has some choice words to say about tonight.

The US reality star says of Ann Widdecombe: "She's disrespectful to people. What did you think you were walking into? She's a politician used to working with people who think like her, talk like her, walk like her and live like her.

"Now she's in a world with the world and she doesn't like it. "

Other highlights this evening include Ashley and Ginuwine getting close under the covers. Ashley later admits to Amanda, Ann and Rachel that she doesn’t want to be made to share a bed with Ginuwine. Malika and Ashley come to an agreement about the bed situation in their new bedroom.

Ann and Shane J discuss Ashley and Ginuwine's behaviour. "My behaviour is because of my own morals," says Ashley.


Elsewhere, Wayne reacts to a cold shower following yesterday's nominations rule break.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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