Are Celebrity Big Brother's Ashley James and Ginuwine 'official'?

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Celebrity Big Brother's Ashley James has revealed whether or not she and Ginuwine are 'official'.

And it turns out that the answer is pretty complicated.


Following a flirty friendship, Ashley yesterday said that the pair were now 'seeing' each other.

But in a chat with Andrew, it was revealed that what this meant wasn't quite clear.

"We are seeing each other. But we're not like, it's not like we're in a couple," Ashley told him.

Andrew replied: "Everyone who I've seen I think does things which you and him both won't do in here which in turn makes me think.. Cos I wouldn't consider myself seeing someone unless I've seen everything, the whole shabang You know what I mean."

"I think that's different. I like the dating process," Ashley responded.

Andrew continued: "I don't 'see' people, I date people or am in a relationship with people. I see the premise of 'seeing' as having a relationship without the commitment. I think if I really like someone I'll make it official early because I want to know where we stand."

Ashley said: "But in here we're not dating.. are we? We're not going on dates."

She concluded: "He's my companion. I think even Ann would appreciate that term."

Ashley and Ginuwine's relationship has proved a main talking point of the series so far.

However many aren't convinced by it. Giving her views on her former fellow housemates, last week's evictee India Willoughby hit out at the pair.

She said: “Ginuwine is a fake, no way Jose. I think Ashley is playing a game here.

“The showmance card is going to backfire.”


Meanwhile, Ashley's dad Geoff has issued Ginuwine a warning.

He told heat magazine this week: “It’s unexpected and, as a father, it’s quite difficult watching all this going on.

Ashley and Ginuwine.
Ashley and Ginuwine.

"But as long as the guy treats Ashley well, I’ll be fine… If he doesn’t, I’ll knock his head off.”

Geoff added: “I would hope that any future boyfriend would want to meet me.


"And I’d like to suss them out and give them the evil eye.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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