Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Jess Impiazzi RAGES in the Diary Room

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Celebrity Big Brother's Jess Impiazzi has let rip in the Diary Room.

After being woken up by Big Brother for the on-going Driving School task, Jess took herself to the Diary Room.


She complained: "This is ridiculous, who does this to a human being."

Jess ranted to Big Brother: “This is torture!

“And I have to walk around and around in circles and in the freezing cold with my bare legs. My fingers.

“I am sick of them. Now I am so cross with today!”

Jess' latest rant follows her Diary Room complaints about Andrew Brady in last night's show.


Accusing The Apprentice star of playing a game, Jess said: "When he first come in and he said to everyone that he fancied Malika and he tried it on with Malika and she shut him down.

"Well anyway, he's up for nomination, and then today he really didn't want to go and then he was like we should get to know each other more.

"Number one, I'm not a second option in anyone's cos I'm just not, okay, deal with it.

"Also you're up for eviction. I just felt he's trying to play a bit tactical and I've not felt like that with anyone in here yet."

Jess concluded: "It kinda gave me a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth."

Elsewhere in last night's show, housemates woke up to find that the house had been transformed.

"Welcome to Big Brother's driving school," Big Brother announced to the group , "For the next two days Big Brother will be testing which housemates are the best drivers."

The housemates were coupled up and told that, in a twist, the winning team would win the power to save one of the nominated housemates from eviction. They'll then have to put another housemate up for the axe in their place.

The housemates currently up for the public vote ahead of the twist are John Barnes, Ann Widdecombe, Daniel O’Reilly, Rachel Johnson and Andrew Brady.

The results of the task will air in tonight's episode.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The double eviction airs on Friday night from 9PM on Channel 5 with host Emma Willis.

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