Malika Haqq has asked to leave Celebrity Big Brother 2018

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Malika Haqq has asked to leave the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house.

The US reality star requests to leave the house in this evening's episode, as housemates are put on basic rations.


Strict restrictions are put in place as part of a new task, and Malika has had enough.

She complains in the Diary Room: "I eat a high protein diet and sardines are not part of that, so it's not going to work.

"I think it's going to be smart if we start making arrangements for me to go."

As Big Brother advises her to speak to the other housemates, Malika went on: "I don't care to tell them anything.

"It's a personal preference. I don't need coaching on it, I don't need opinion. This is Malika making a decision for Malika."


"I can't have an egg. I can't have a piece of fish. I'm not going to eat oodles of noodles and fruit out of a can. I haven't even had porridge before, I'm not going to start today," she adds.

Malika's request came before Ginuwine was evicted from the house last night.

It also follows her confiding in Shane Jenek last week that she was struggling to cope with life in the house.

Speaking to Shane J in the bedroom, Malika said: "I'm annoyed and I don't like feeling that way."

She explained: "The people that didn't bother me now bother me."

"It's not personal. I just don't want to be around anyone anymore. I just want to be by myself in a corner - which is just not possible."

Malika went on: "I don't even want to hear them talking. I'm not a small talk person. You can get my attention if you're talking about something but this whole environment is 'small this small that'

"I'm even starting it. I don't even like myself," concluded Malika.

Elsewhere in tonight's show, letters from home are revealed!


Meanwhile, “Do you think Andrew is gay?” asks Wayne as he delves deeper into Andrew and Courtney's relationship. Later, Andrew and Courtney talk about Ashley now that Ginuwine has left. Will Andrew make a move?


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Tonight's episode airs at 9PM.

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