Celebrity Big Brother 2018 news! Nominations twist and new power task

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Here's all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2018 news from the past 24 hours.

Yesterday in the house, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates went head to head again to compete for power of the house.


So far the men and women have each enjoyed one week each in charge but control was up for grabs again on Tuesday.

Big Brother woke up the group with Rihanna hit Shut Up And Drive. The song was a hint at the task to come, as the housemates exited their bedrooms to find the house had been transformed.

The housemates were coupled up in cars and could win points throughout the day. The teams with the most points will win the power, meaning they will get to nominate and control the house.

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The results of the task will be revealed in tonight's highlights show.

Meanwhile, the fallout from the men's time in charge continued.


In last night's show we saw them heading to the Diary Room with the power to nominate. They were the only ones to vote but Ashley James won immunity after winning a task over the weekend.

The housemates left up for eviction were John Barnes, Ann Widdecombe, Daniel O’Reilly, Rachel Johnson and Andrew Brady.

Rachel still seemed unhappy with the result yesterday, complaining: "No hard feelings, I don't care who did it.... but I hate you all."

What housemates don't yet know is a nominations twist awaits.

This week as part of a still to be revealed task to be shown in Thursday night's 9pm show, there will be a nominations twist and then the vote will open.

Emma Willis will return on Friday for a live double eviction as two of the current housemates are given the boot.

Elsewhere yesterday, Big Brother was taken to task by Ann after waking the housemates up with loud music.


"You are wholly without manners," she complained in the Diary Room. "You have no manners."

In more Celebrity Big Brother news, the latest odds on who will win have been announced while Channel 5 has revealed a special 'Behind The Scenes' show will air next week.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The double eviction airs on Friday night from 9PM on Channel 5 with host Emma Willis.

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