Celebrity Big Brother viewers are so bored of Ashley James and Ginuwine's showmance

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Ashley James and Ginuwine’s showmance dominated tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights.

And viewers were very much not amused.

As the pair’s will they / won’t they storyline continued, most watching couldn’t care less.

“I think Andrew interrupting Ashely talking about Ginuwine and asking her to wax his arsehole pretty much sums up every viewers opinion on the Ashley/Ginuwine thing. #CBB,” posted one viewer.

Another fan added: “Does anyone else not care about Ashley & Ginuwine’s will they won’t they “romance” at all? ?? #CBB xx”

@MollBBUK tweeted: “Ashley and Ginuwine have had WAAAAY too much airtime this episode. #CBB”

“This episode kinda annoyed me lol too much Ashley and Ginuwine #CBB,” agreed a forth.

And @TVAddictDarren concurred: “Ashley & Ginuwine being shown WAY too much tonight. I have no time for this SHOWmance. #CBB”

Meanwhile, others called on the pair to be punished after they removed their microphones and went to the toilet to talk in private.

@BB_Superfan said: “Ashley and Ginuwine in the toilet. Mics off, taps on. There should be a punishment for that. #CBB +1”

In this evening’s episode, Ashley admitted to feeling “awkward” around Ginuwine.

Shane J and Ashley spoke about the US rapper and how he has “flicked his switch”.

Ashley and Ginuwine later met up to resolve their “misunderstanding”.

Ashley told him: “I just want my flirty friendship back.”

By the end of the highlights, the couple were back in bed together getting cosy once more.

Elsewhere in the show, Ashley won immunity from the latest nominations.

Ashley and Ginuwine.
Ashley and Ginuwine.

The housemates had to look after children in a new task and the kids picked their favourite to give immunity to.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

Two more housemates will leave in this Friday night’s live show.

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