Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ashley James wins immunity from next eviction

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Ashley James has won immunity from the next Celebrity Big Brother 2018 eviction.

Two housemates will leave this Friday night in a double eviction.

But Made In Chelsea’s Ashley is SAFE after winning a task involving children.

Kids entered the Celebrity Big Brother house for the latest challenge, and it was up to them to pick their favourite housemate.

That was Ashley and she is therefore immune from the next round of nominations.


This time, it’ll be the men in charge as they alone vote in the nominations.

Meanwhile in tonight’s show, Big Brother gathered the housemates to reveal someone had broken the rules regarding nominations.

“This is Big Brother. Housemates, as you know, it is against the rules to discuss nominations,” Big Brother told the group. “This includes hinting at who you might nominate, or any discussions that could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to influence nominations.

“This rule has been broken.”

Big Brother continued: “Yesterday, in a conversation with Shayne J and Andrew in the kitchen, Wayne said the following about Rachel…”

BB then read back a chat Wayne had about Rachel with the guys, suggesting that he was thinking of nominating her.

“As a result Wayne, Big Brother has a punishment for you,” Big Brother said before revealing his punishment is to write out lines of ‘I will not discuss nominations’ on a chalkboard.

Ashley and Ginuwine.
Ashley and Ginuwine.

Elsewhere in tonight’s CBB highlights, there was showmance drama in the garden, as Shane J and Ashley spoke about Ginuwine and how he had “flicked his switch”.

Ashley and Ginuwine later met up to resolve their “misunderstanding”, as Ashley told him: “I just want my flirty friendship back.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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