Celebrity Big Brother viewers split over Ginuwine and Ashley James

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Ginuwine and Ashley James’ Celebrity Big Brother romance appears to have hit the skids.

But viewers aren’t quite sure which of the pair is in the right after last night’s show.

In Sunday’s episode, Ginuwine was seen flirting more with Ashley but she told the housemates his behaviour left her “terrified”.

“I’m slightly terrified, pointing and singing ‘tonight is the night’ for ages,” Ashley said. “He’s not getting any! I don’t take s*** from no one.

“It was fun and flirting and innocent. Now I’m like – I don’t want to do that.”

CBB 2018 Jess Ashley

And Ashley said: “He said he’s a womaniser. This isn’t flirting fun, I need to protect myself. I know it’s in my insecurities.

“I have put all my past into it and I’m like run, run, run. The moment I sense anything, I’m gone. Now I’m being that pathetic person reading into everything.”

Like Ashley, some viewers were left equally uneasy with Ginuwine’s actions.

@AdoringGinaRio posted: “Ginuwine is making me feel uncomfortable with how he is acting with Ashley #cbb”

Another watching posted: “Ginuwine pointing to Ashley’s groin area, if I were Ashley I would have nut him a cracker @bbuk ?‍♀️ #CBB”

@emcrabtree_ added: “Mate if any bloke spoke to me the way Ginuwine is talking to Ashley atm he’d get a swift kick in the crotch #CBB”

But others accused Ashley of playing a game.

Tweeted @TVAddictDarren: “Ashley is playing Ginuwine like a flute. Making out to the girls like she doesn’t enjoy Ginuwine flirting but then telling the girls she feels uncomfortable… #CBB #CBBAshley”

Ashley and Ginuwine.
Ashley and Ginuwine.

And @machin_adam accused: “Personally I don’t actually think Ashley is interested in Ginuwine, I think she’s got her eye on the publicity #CBB”

What do you make of the pair’s ongoing relationship? Tell us in the comments below!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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