Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Andrew Brady and Shane Jenek get even closer

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Andrew Brady and Shane Jenek (Courtney Act) got a lot closer in last night’s Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

In a clip from yesterday’s episode, Shane and Andrew were seen taking their flirting to the next level.

“Everything’s f**ked,” remarked Andrew as he and Shane stood in the living area alone, giggling.

As Shane made a move on Andrew, The Apprentice star laughed: “That’s assault!”

Shane responded: “That’s not assault, this is!” before pulling at Andrew’s trousers.

“You’ve just ripped my pants!” reacted Andrew as the pair got physical with one another.

Andrew and Shane began to enjoy a midnight pillow fight before Big Brother put an end to their fun.

“They just need to get it on,” reacted one fewer to the flirtatious banter.

Elsewhere in the latest house highlights, Andrew revealed he had been quizzed by Big Brother in the Diary Room on his ‘romance or bromance’ with Shane.

“They asked ‘Is there something there from Courtney and Shane’s point of view?'” Andrew told Dapper Laughs. “And I said, I don’t think so but it if there is I won’t treat him no different.”

Dapper, aka Daniel, replied: “They did ask [me too] and I said I think Courtney, well Shane or Courtney fancies Andrew. I said you’re straight, he’s gay, they’re flirting and stuff…”

Andrew then pondered speaking to Shane about their ‘romance’.

“If that conversation was had and if that conversation did include by the fact that there was feelings there I wouldn’t change my opinion or my feelings towards Shane.”

Last week, Andrew told Big Brother he found Courtney “fit” and teased after a few beers, anything could happen.

The Apprentice star said: “Courtney’s fit you know. Courtney’s hot and a little bit of a minx.”

He continued: “When I see Courtney and I see her with her bum implants, and fake boobs, deep down I know its Shane under there….

CBB 2018 Shane J

“Courtney is only ever out when we’ve had a few drinks, so she looks even better.

“When you’ve had a couple of beers and you see Courtney you’re like ‘Wow’.”

Andrew then added: “Big Brother you need to stop giving me alcohol when I’m around Courtney because… you never know.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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