Celebrity Big Brother fans wants Andrew Brady and Courtney Act to get together

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Celebrity Big Brother viewers are willing Andrew Brady and Courtney Act to get together.

While Ginuwine and Ashley James’ romance may be the most obvious in the house right now, CBB fans reckon another potential relationship is forming.

Last night’s episode saw The Apprentice candidate Andrew continue to bond with Courtney Act, aka Shane Jenek.

Chatting about Shane’s alter ego in the garden, Andrew said: “Courtney’s the sexy one who you’d want at your hotel room when you come back from the eviction.”

Courtney replied: “I straddle the gender divide.

Andrew and Courtney.
Andrew and Courtney.

“While I’m not a woman as Courtney, I do have a unique experience as Courtney, especially with straight men. It’s fascinating to see how straight men treat me as Shane and as Courtney.”

“Do you think I treat you differently?” asked Andrew.

Courtney replied: “You’re more flirtatious, I think understandably so, you’re a young viral man with sexual desires, and Courtney is aesthetically a tarty, attractive woman.”

The pair later spent time together in the bathroom and formed a secret handshake, before Courtney confessed to Jonny Mitchell that she found Andrew “cute”.

Viewers felt there was a clear chemistry between Courntey and Andrew.

@MrShaneReaction tweeted: “If Courtney and Andrew actually got together I think it would break the gay internet #cbb”

“I am telling you now, if Andrew has at least two more drinks him and Courtney will be banging,” predicted @LucasJamesClark.

Courtney and Andrew.
Courtney and Andrew.

@alexinyland posted: “I’m usually not one for @bbuk romances but hell to the YAS I would ship Courtney and Andrew #CBB”

And @HarrisonJBrock tweeted: “I can’t wait for Andrew and Courtney’s first shoot as a couple in OK Magazine in a months time. #CBB”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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