Celebrity Big Brother: Men and women fight for power... but there's a twist

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates have been set a new task with a big twist.

Ever since launch night the women have been in charge, but their power concluded on Tuesday night.

Host Emma Willis spoke live to the house, revealing that the women’s reign was over – at least for now.

The men and women will now go head to head to try and win control of the house.

It could be the men who take the power or the women may win to stay in the driving seat.

Jess and Ashley.
Jess and Ashley.

For the task, the house has been transported back to the 1950s.

“Housemates, you have been transported back to a time where men dominated the workplace and women looked after the home,” Big Brother announced.

They continued: “The male housemates will become breadwinners and go to work in the factory while the women will become perfect housewives and look after the house.

“Each will have to complete their jobs. The men in the factory, the women in the house.

“The team that completes the most jobs will win the power.”

However, once the men had gone off to their factory, Big Brother revealed a twist to the women.

“You will not become housewives. Instead, you will be working in a secret factory, completing exactly the same tasks as the men,” Big Brother said. “You will be in direct competition.”

The team that completes the most jobs in their respective factories will win the task and control of the house.


Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

The first eviction takes place live this Friday night from 9PM.

Host Emma will be back to reveal the very first housemate to be booted out of the series.

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