Celebrity Big Brother's Ann Widdecombe slams India Willoughby's 'revealing' outfits

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Ann Widdecombe has taken aim at India Willoughby for her ‘revealing’ outfits on Celebrity Big Brother.

Former politician Ann makes the comments in her latest column for the Daily Express tabloid.

Written from inside the house, Ann slams India for her “deep cut” dresses.

In her column, Ann complains: “Why is it that young women these days think they have to show everything when they dress up? Why dresses so deep cut that the breasts are on display? Why so short that you can see …?

“Transgender housemate India copies this sort of style despite being middle-aged. Is that what she thinks being a woman means?”

Ann also blames India for causing all the animosity in the house.

She writes: “Most housemates get on amicably. We are after all in it together. The exception is the aforementioned India who takes offence and instigates rows.

“On Sunday night the boys put on a show for the girls. Wayne Sleep danced, John Barnes produced some rap and Shane J gave Andrew a makeover as a drag artist. We were all convulsed. Then India soured everything with a massive row about how drag artists offended her because they merely pretended to be women whereas she was a real one.

“It is by no means the first time she has chosen to give someone a row and the rest of us are getting fed up. That apart, we get along well enough.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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