Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ginuwine reveals his real name

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Ginuwine has shocked his fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates after revealing his real name.

The rapper made the confession that – shock – he wasn’t born simply Ginuwine.

He told the group how his real name is in fact Elgin Baylor Lumpkin.

Ginuwine told the group: “That’s my full name.”

Amanda Barrie replied: “That’s a wonderful name. I love that name. That sounds like a cartoon character.”

“I do animation too!” replied the music star.

Explaining his new name, Ginuwine told the house: “It’s just two I am as a person but I couldn’t say genuine.

“Then I always envisioned it with a crowd chanting so I wanted a name with three syllables. But I wanted it to represent who I was as a man, as a person.”

Amanda quipped: “You’ll always be Mr Lumpkin to me.”

Elsewhere tonight, Ginuwine continues to get closer to Ashley.

The housemates tease the pair, with Ashley joking that she isn’t Ginuwine’s wife…yet.

Meanwhile, Jonny can’t help but notice the connection between Courtney and Andrew whilst discussing their bond in the garden.

And Wayne reveals why he didn’t come out until later in life and comments on his friendship with rock star Freddie Mercury.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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