Ann Widdecombe is really NOT happy with Celebrity Big Brother

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Ann Widdecombe has hit out at Celebrity Big Brother in a newspaper column written in the house.

Ann penned her latest column for the Daily Express tabloid while on the show.

And in it, she doesn’t hold back with her thoughts over this series’ power twist that has seen in the women in charge.

Writing in her column, Ann complained: “In a programme about equality I despair. My idea of equality is just that: men and women have equal opportunity.

“Neither sex should have special privileges nor positive discrimination.


“Yet for the time being here the men are slaves and we have the power. That ain’t women’s lib. It is women’s revenge.”

She wrote: “Then there was a task which involved the deliberate infliction of pain on men because there is apparently a stereotype that men can’t endure pain.

“Well, try telling that to our boys who come home maimed from Afghanistan.

“Another task involved asking men to cry. Neither of these tasks seems to me moral, the first being more reminiscent of the Roman arena. Panem et circenses.”

Ann hinted she regretted signing up for the show, saying: “I wish I had stuck to my ‘never, ever Big Brother’ policy.”

The former MP went on to hit out at her younger female housemates, saying: “Only Amanda and I came to maturity in an era where it was perfectly lawful to refuse a woman finance or a job simply because she was female.

“The others can have no idea how trivial their examples of “discrimination” sound.


“We women achieved equality a long time ago and it is now the men who face a playing field tilted against them.

“Anyway what can it possibly matter who pays for dinner? As far as I know there is still a war in Syria.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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