Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ginuwine and Ashley James get close

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Ginuwine and Ashley James get close in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

The pair are seen flirting with one another throughout the day, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the other housemates.

In this evening’s episode, following a talent show task, Ginuwine and Ashley get cosy on the sofa and start holding hands, whilst Daniel talks about his upcoming film

Ginuwine then goes to the diary room to talk about Ashley and the connection they have made.

He explains to Big Brother: “I think she’ll probably be like a friend who I’ll probably talk to a lot.

“She said she’s going to come over to the States so if I’m home she’s going to come up and we’ll hang out.

“For some reason we just ended up on the couch for hours talking. We had some type of connection…. friends, I don’t know but I like that.”

The US rapper continues: “I’m a person who wants to be friends first before anything happens. Who knows what will happen.”

He then adds: “You might find us kissing in the spa, who knows?”

Later on, Rachel Johnson teases Ginuwine and Ashley: “I saw what was going on on the sofas!”

In the kitchen, she jokes: “I’m c**k-blocking Ginuwine. I saw that crafty look!”

Ginuwine smiles: “She’s a nice young lady.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Tonight, Emma Willis will be live from the CBB house for the first face to face nominations of the series.

The women will be nominating and we will find out who faces eviction Friday!

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