Ann Widdecombe says Meghan Markle is trouble on Celebrity Big Brother

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Ann Widdecombe thinks Meghan Markle is trouble for Prince Harry.

In tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother, Ann gives her views on the upcoming royal wedding.

And she doesn’t seem all that positive.

In a chat with her fellow housemates about Meghan and Harry, Ann says: “I think she’s trouble. Her background, attitude. I worry.”

Rachel Johnson asks: “That she’s older than him, she’s been married before?”

Ann replies: “I add it all up and I’m uneasy, but there we go.”

Meanwhile, Rachel speaks to Ann about the real reason why her brother Borris Johnson withdrew from the Prime Minister race.

Rachel explains: “Gove got up and said was standing himself at which point the 100 or so MPs who had said they would support my brother in a leadership contest, sixty of them just disappeared.

“So my brother was left without a sufficiency that he would have been guaranteed he’d be able to get into the final two.”

“He just didn’t have the numbers after Gove stabbed him in the back and the front in plain sight,” Rachel concludes.

Elsewhere tonight, the boys show off their talents in a new task while Ashley and Ginuwine get closer.

Rachel comments on Ginuwine and Ashley’s connection and states she is ‘c*ck blocking’ the pair by sharing a bed with Ashley.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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