Celebrity Big Brother secrets revealed from diva requests to leaving the house

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Some of the behind the scenes secrets of Celebrity Big Brother have been revealed.

Over 60 cameras record the stars in the Big Brother house, but not all of what goes on makes it to our screens.


Following the end of the latest series on Channel 5, past housemates and insiders have been spilling on what doesn't make it to air.

Housemates can leave the house

Although it goes against the basic principle of the show, housemates can leave the house for prior engagements.

There have been many examples over the years. In 2017, Chloe Ferry left to film promotional VTs for Geordie Shore. "At the time of leaving she was chaperoned by a member of production and had minimal contact with the outside world," a source said at the time.

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The Voices of Big Brother

And in 2013, Mario Falcone was spotted in public as he went to the American Embassy to collect a visa form. "Mario had a pre-arranged appointment with the American Embassy," a spokesperson for the show said at the time.

There are contraband checks before launch

Housemates and their belongings are checked for banned items before entering.

In 2017, American musician Ray J revealed how he had attempted to sneak a phone into the house.


He spilled: "I took it out of my butt crack. I wiped it off and put in a garbage bag because it had been in my butt crack and then I gave it to the producers."


Celebs make diva requests

Unlike in the normal series, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates can demand special extras.

They can vary from specific food to even private bedrooms and bathrooms - as Ann Widdecombe enjoyed in January's recent series.

“I’ve been told Katie Price got a blow-dry a few times a week, and Patsy Kensit got blow-dries and spray tans,” former housemate Nicola McLean blabbed previously. "Spencer Pratt got special cotton sheets, and insisted on him and Heidi being served food before the rest of us, so that no one else touched it."

The pay varies a LOT

As with many celebrity shows, the exact fees commanded by the housemates can vary wildly depending on their profile (and agent!). It's understood that Ryan Thomas was one of this summer's highest paid celebs, with a reported fee of £500,000.

Previous huge payouts have included £500,000 for Jedward, £400,000 for Katie Price and £600,000 for the late David Gest.

But while some celebs are expecting big pay cheques at the end of the series, it won't be the same for all of them.


Some of the lower amounts paid out have included the reported £60,000 given to contestant Winston McKenzie, a former member of UKIP, while Corrie actor Bruce Jones is rumoured to have got just £15,000 back in 2013.

And in 2016 it was claimed that winner Stephen Bear had been paid only £12,000.

Celebrities are cut off before launch

Contact with the outside world is cut off long before the celebrities enter.

They go into hiding up to a week before the launch night.

Former housemate Samantha Brick told Closer magazine: "My phone, iPad and laptop were confiscated and the hotel room phone had been removed. Your appointed a chaperone who is with you 24/7 and any interesting habits or quirks are reported back to the CBB execs. "

The secret codes


Behind the scenes, codewords are used in the run up to launch night to discuss the celebrities in secret.

Once the show is on air, codes are again used to describe certain situations in the house.

"They use code Zebra when someone is determined to leave the house and are ranting in the Diary Room," a source told the Daily Star last year. "When this comes into effect producers are forced to postpone whatever they are trying to do.


"Obviously their main goal is to keep housemates in the building at all times."

Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother air on Channel 5.

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