Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ann Widdecombe shocks with views on gay rights

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Ann Widdecombe shocked on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 tonight with her views on gay rights.

The former MP left her fellow housemates stunned with her opinions.

And those watching on at home were equally unhappy with Ann’s views on topics such as gay marriage.

“I don’t call it marriage equality, I call it the redefinition of marriage. Marriage is between a man and women,” said Ann after being quizzed by Shane Jenek.

The discussions then got onto the legalisation of homosexuality and equalising the age of consent.

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Ann surprised the housemates by revealing she voted against changing the age of consent so it was equal regardless of sexuality.

“That is my view and if I say that I expect you to believe it,” Ann said in a chat with Shane and India Willoughby.

India reacted: “I am shocked, I am shocked.”

On Twitter, viewers had plenty to say.

Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry commented: “#CBBAnn you just went and f**ked up; i was just starting to like her, but i can’t abide such ignorance like that, marriage should be between two people who love each other no matter their gender, sexuality, race or creed #CBB”

@DJMelReeves agreed: “#CBBAnn just as I was starting to like her ? her ignorance towards gay marriage is upsetting. A marriage should be for two people who love each other regardless of their sex.”

@CDDressage98 posted “Oh Ann you old little witch. Love is love, you get married when you’re in LOVE. Man or woman, woman or woman, man or man, IT’S THE SAME THING YOU PIECE OF W**K #Cbbuk #cbb #cbbann #ann”

But although the vast majority disagreed with Ann’s opinions, they praised the debate between her and Shane for not turning into a shouting match.


“Love how Shane & Ann can have a conversation with fiercely opposing views and still have a giggle and smile at the end #CBB,” tweeted @_kayleighk

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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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