I'm A Celebrity sacks Kiosk Keith after shock allegations

Kiosk Keith

I'm A Celebrity's Kiosk Keith has been sacked from the show.

The fan favourite, who runs the jungle's Outback Shack, has been a regular on the ITV show for the past four years.


But now he's been let go.

According to The Sun, Keith was dropped from the series after allegations of "inappropriate behaviour".

An insider told the newspaper: “Everyone thought he was alright at first but people quickly started to go off him. Now he's gone for good.”

Alleging what had happened, a source added: "They were sitting around and having a few drinks. Keith saw the girl walked by and gave her a tap on the a**e.

"There was nothing sinister in it but he shouldn’t have done it."

They added: "He was sacked afterwards – from his role as Kiosk Keith and from his job helping to build sets on the show."


ITV confirmed that Kiosk Keith - real name Raymond - would no longer be appearing on I'm A Celebrity in the UK.

"Ray is no longer under contract on the show," they said.

In a statement, the channel added: "There are no plans for him to return this year.”

Last year the story behind how Kiosk Keith came to be was revealed.

The dad-of-four had been working on the show since it began in 2002 as a laborer in the art department.

Spilling all to The Sun newspaper about the man behind the counter, a source said: “Raymond was employed in the art department – he was just a labourer and he’d done gardening and put the plants in the ground and helped build the backdrops to the some of the scenes and stuff.

“When they brought Kiosk Keith in as a character, they offered him the part. So he just doesn’t do Kiosk Keith, he still works as a labourer out there too.


“They just get him on screen when they need him to do the shack. They will radio him and say, ‘Look, we’re doing the shack now, come up’.“And he goes up and does Kiosk Keith. And then he goes back to work.”

It was claimed that Raymond didn't get paid any extra cash for his starring role, only taking home £14,000 for his work behind the scenes on the series each year.

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