Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates continue to misgender India Willoughby

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Some of the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates have continued to misgender India Willoughby.

In the house yesterday, Ann Widdecombe and Rachel Johnson both referred to India using traditional male pronouns.

Rachel was shocked by her own mistake, while Ann made a confession.

“I do think of her as he,” she admitted, suggesting it was a ‘generation thing’.

She told Ashley James and Rachel: “So, I’m watching myself to make sure I don’t slip up.”

Ashley said using the wrong pronouns would “sting” India.


Ann insisted: “I’m sure it is but it wasn’t intentional.”

The latest incident follows Ann misgendering India as a “he” during a chat on the sofas in Thursday night’s highlights show.

It started when India spoke about her unique name, joking: “My mum named me after her favourite takeaway, Indian.”

“Favourite takeaway?!” reacted Amanda Barrie.

“I think he’s pulling your leg,” Ann said to Amanda, referring to India.

“He?! She!” snapped India

“I do beg your pardon,” said.

The pair later spoke in the kitchen.

“You misgendered me earlier,” India told Ann

“If you hadn’t been talking about it so much I wouldn’t have been conscious of you any other way,” responded Ann.

India later complained in the bedroom that Ann was getting on her “tit ends”.


However they went on to bond over men.

India said: “Men get a bad rap. I’m fed up of listening to the conversations in here. I don’t think you can say one gender behaves in a certain way. You can’t stereotype. ”

Ann agreed and the pair hugged it out over their shared views.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues Saturday and Sunday night

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