Celebrity Big Brother 2018 celebrities debate NHS spending

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 cast spent yesterday debating NHS spending.

The group got into the discussion after India Willoughby spoke about her gender transition.

Discussing her gender reassignment surgery two years ago, India told the other women: “Before then I spent every single day right from being a kid was this gender thing. The body didn’t match the brain. I had this phantom limb thing going on.

“I never enjoyed being a man, it was stressful and exhausting.

“Despite what you read there isn’t an explosion in terms of the surgery. I got it done on the NHS.”

Ann then commented: “The fact is the NHS can’t do everything, people are going without. You have to ask yourself what the priority should be.

“Match that against someone going blind, children with cancer.

“Priorities are fine as long as you’re not the one implementing them.”

India replied: “I agree with you Ann and I do think we’ve reached a stage where we do have to consider introducing a few more charges in the NHS.

“But I think 1 in 2 transgender people at some point, and it happened to me, think that life isn’t worth living.

“And you get so conflicted and it’s so painful and traumatic inside and you actually consider killing yourself.

“So I think it’s money well spent, you are saving people’s lives. It was tiny, tiny portion despite the exploitative headlines in the tabloids. There is no conveyor belt of people being taken into hospital to have surgery.”

Ann said: “But you’ve still got an awful lot of people not getting what they need.


“Anything anybody is going through is the world to them.

“What do we as a society say has to take priority if we cannot do everything?”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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