I'm A Celebrity 2017: Jamie Lomas faces 'Tutankha-Doom' in the latest Bushtucker Trial

Jamie Lomas faced 'Tutankha-Doom' in the latest I'm A Celebrity 2017 Bushtucker Trial, winning six meals for his campmates - but missing out on a drink.

Yesterday morning, a huge row erupted between Dennis Wise and Iain Lee over whether the latter was capable of winning the celebs food.


As it died down, the group decided Jamie was the best candidate and sent him to his fourth Trial.

Hosts Ant and Dec explained that he'd make his way through an 'ancient' underground tomb, searching for stars.

The first seven stars were each worth one meal, but this time there was a bonus eighth star on offer that would earn each celeb a drink.

"Just go for star eight then," Jamie laughed.

The first section of the tomb featured hell holes that Jamie had to investigate.

He came across cockroaches, scorpions, toads and lizards - but it wasn't until the last hole that he found a star.


Jamie then got his second star while feeling the floor on the way to the next chamber, which featured crocodiles.

"I’m sure he’s eyeing me up for tea," he said of one of the crocs.

The Hollyoaks actor avoided spiders, snakes and lizards as he moved through the tomb - but soon found his ten-minute time limit running out.

He aimed for his seventh star with seconds remaining, but had to leave it behind as the final klaxon sounded.

With six out of eight stars, he secured most of the meals - but missed out on the refreshing drink.

"I spent too long in the first room, I’m disappointed in that," he said. "I might not tell them about the drink, I think they’ll be happy with 6 out of 7."

On his way back to camp, Jamie suggested Iain would have struggled with the challenge, commenting: "He’s a big lad, no two ways about it."

As the celebs cheered the result, Iain seemed upbeat despite the earlier argument.


"I didn’t get to do the Trial so we’ll never know how I could have done," the presenter said. "All I know is that Jamie did absolutely superb and he’ll get two thumbs up from me."

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV until Sunday's grand final.

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