I'm A Celebrity's Iain Lee calls Ant and Dec "a**eholes" for not evicting him

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Iain Lee branded Ant and Dec "a**eholes" after he AVOIDED eviction on I'm A Celebrity last night.

In pre-recorded scenes shown in Sunday's show, Iain got up in the morning and said he had dreamt of freedom. “I’ve got a very strong vibe that I am going out today and I can’t wait to see my big sis” he told Kez and Stanley.


Kez told the Bush Telegraph: “I think given Iain thinks he’s leaving he is in a good mood. I worry about how he will be if he’s not going because he might be at the end of his tether. But if he’s not going then I am going and then he’ll have no-one to talk to.”

As the campmates sat around the fire waiting for the arrival of Ant and Dec Iain said to Amir: “Good luck guys, I’m going, the vibe is strong.”

Amir said he’d put five pound that Iain wasn’t going. “You are not going, you are a likeable guy, especially after eating the strawberries. People are going to be like we don’t know what to expect from him and he might do something dumb again.”

“You wait till they see the video,” Iain warned.

Ant and Dec then appeared in camp with news. “The news is that no-one will be leaving the camp today so you all have at least one more day in the Jungle,” said Dec.

Amir turned to Iain and said: “You owe me a fiver.” Groaning, Iain said: “That is mean.”

In the Bush Telegraph he said: “My mum is a fan of Ant and Dec but when I come out of the Jungle I am going to be asking her to cancel her membership of the A&DFC - the Ant and Dec Fan Club. They are ***holes.”


Last night's episode also saw Ant and Dec go live to camp for the second eviction, where Kez was sent home.

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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