I'm A Celebrity 2017: Fright Club recruit Jamie Lomas loses immunity key in Bushtucker Trial

Actor teamed up with Rebekah Vardy to go 'Grotholing', winning eight meals for camp

New Fright Club member Jamie Lomas failed to find the third immunity key after teaming up with Rebekah Vardy to go 'Grotholing' for an I'm A Celebrity 2017 Bushtucker Trial.

In the ITV jungle show's latest twist, Amir Khan and Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo became the founding members of the Fright Club, a covert gang able to earn campmates immunity.


With the help of their recruits Dennis Wise and Vanessa White, Amir and Iain Lee eventually gained safety from the first elimination of the series.

Yesterday, after it was announced that Becky and Jamie would face the latest Bushtucker Trial, Amir and Toff chose Jamie to join the Fright Club.

Vanessa relayed the news to the Hollyoaks actor, who was set a secret mission to find an 'immunity key' during the Trial, without Becky's knowledge.

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At the Trial clearing, Ant and Dec explained that 'Grotholing' involved the pair searching two identical tunnels, with stars hidden in exactly the same places. One tunnel was lit, while the other was pitch black.

Becky entered the lit tunnel, and had to communicate with Jamie in the dark tunnel to help him find the stars.


The first two were located in perspex cases on the walls, which had to be unscrewed in eight places.

Jamie struggled with the screws as cockroaches and crickets fell on him, but he persevered and completed the task.

Both players then tried to complete a maze puzzle - although Jamie was unaware he'd crawled past the immunity key, which had been dangling from the ceiling on a rope.

Ant and Dec tried to steer him in the right direction by repeatedly working the word 'key' in to their commentary, but he failed to pick up on the hints.

Becky and Jamie found more stars in hatches on the roof, but subsequently suffered a breakdown in communication as they headed to different parts of their tunnels.

Eventually, the eleven-minute time limit expired, and the duo emerged with eight out of a possible eleven meals for their campmates.

Becky was then surprised with the news that only she would be returning to base camp at Croc Creek.

Once she'd left, Ant and Dec informed Jamie that he'd be joining Amir and Toff at their Snake Rock hideout - although his failure to locate the key meant he couldn't give a celeb safety.


"That was tough, it was pitch black, you cannot see a thing," he commented. "I tried to find the key, but I was in total darkness."

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV.

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