I'm A Celebrity 2017: Two celebrities win immunity from first vote off

im a celebrity immunity

I'm A Celebrity celebrities are competing for immunity in a new 'Fright Club' challenge.

Amir Khan and Iain Lee have become the first celebrities to be saved from the axe.


They will avoid the first vote off after the start of a bran new challenge.

Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and Amir Khan became the first members of the secret 'Fright Club' tonight after being voted to take part in the latest bushtucker trial.

Wearing new Fright Club clothes of purple jackets featuring a finger to the lips logo and beige cargo trousers, Amir and Toff made their way to Snake Rock camp with an 'immunity key'.

iain iac cap

Once there they were delighted to discover a luxury forest camp already set up for them. The fire was lit, there were two beds made up with pillows and towels next to a hot and cold shower and a wall of framed portraits featuring the Fright Club logo.

While they were trying to work out what the Fright Club was and why they were members, a telephone in their camp rang and Toff went to answer. They were told: “Welcome to Fright Club, there are 11 locked picture frames and over the next two days there will be various opportunities to win keys to unlock them and reveal pictures of the campmates.


Once their picture is revealed that celebrity is immune to the first vote off. You have already won a key in today’s trial which you must now use to reveal the first portrait.”

They randomly picked a frame and revealed the face of Iain. “He won’t be happy about that he wants to go home,” said Toff. “He wants to go but you know he’ll have to stay ha ha,” said Amir.

Later, the phone went off in Snake Rock and Toff answered it. A mysterious voice informed her she and Amir had to choose two campmates in Croc Creek to help them in the Fright Club with the mission to win immunity for some of the camp mates in the first vote off.

The two celebrities chosen would remain in Croc Creek but would work as undercover agents. They would need be resourceful, cunning and brave as they would face the next challenge to unlock one of the picture frames.

Amir and Toff both agreed it should be Dennis and Vanessa. The other camp mates were told Dennis and Vanessa would be doing an evening challenge to win a reward for camp.

The pair won their key and joined Snake Rock camp. They were then told that the key was to open a frame and would give immunity to whoever was revealed. Dennis chose the frame and unlocked a portrait of Amir!

Dennis said: “There was ten portraits to choose from and it was a random choice, it was a bit far from me and I decided bang that's the one I'll do and it was Amir.”

With their mission completed, Vanessa and Dennis were told they now had to return to Creek Crock and pretend they had failed the challenge and hadn’t won any treats for camp.


I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV at 9PM.

The first eviction takes place FRIDAY, December 1.

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