I'm A Celebrity 2017: Jamie Lomas, Jennie McAlpine miss out on Dingo Dollar reward

Campmates incorrectly guessed women admit to checking their partners' phones more than men

Jamie Lomas and Jennie McAlpine missed out on chocolate-covered fruit after their fellow I'm A Celebrity 2017 campmates failed a Dingo Dollar Challenge.

The mood was glum in camp after Iain Lee panicked and quit the latest Bushtucker Trial, leaving the celebs on rice and beans.


It was up to Jamie and Jennie to cheer everyone up by winning a treat in the first Dingo Dollar Challenge since the rival camps were united.

Arriving at a jungle juice bar, they found their instructions: "Making a smoothie is on the agenda, just pedal the bike to turn the blender.

"Use the right fruit to make the right blend, and by filling each glass you’ll have dollars to spend."

Jamie frantically pedalled the bike as he loaded up the fruit, while Jennie collected the resulting smoothie in various bottles as it spurted out the blender.

The task proved to be messy for the Corrie actress, who ended up covered in excess juice.

After filling all the bottles, the pair snatched the Dingo Dollars, where they could spend them on fruit juice or chocolate-dipped fruits.


Having made their choice, Jamie asked Kiosk Keith: "Give your head a wobble, give us a smile and give us the chocolate-dipped fruits."

The surly salesman called the other celebrities back in camp, who faced the second part of the challenge.

He posed a teaser question: "In a recent survey, one sex admitted to looking through their partner’s phones more than the other. Is it (a) men or (b) women?"

This triggered a debate among the group, with Amir Khan claiming he was "200% sure" the answer was women.

"They probably do it more, but do they admit it?" wondered Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo.


Eventually, the campmates unanimously settled on women.

"If we lose this it will be disappointing on two levels," Iain Lee said. "One, we don’t get whatever the prize is and two, men are s**ts."

It turned out to be the incorrect answer, meaning Jamie and Jennie returned to camp empty-handed.


"Well, we were very stereotypical," commented Toff.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV.

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