The Apprentice 2017: Fired candidates claims show was 'unfairly' edited

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Fired Apprentice candidate Andrew Brady has hit out at the show for 'unfair' editing.

Andrew was fired from The Apprentice 2017 this week after seemingly swearing in front of a client.


In the latest episode, candidates had to make money from doggy businesses.

The task ended in a boardroom bloodbath as three candidates were fired by Lord Sugar.

One of them was Andrew, who was told by Lord Sugar: “Andrew, you come across to me as immature. The swearing, I don’t like that at all, I did warn you about it.

“You want my honest opinion, I think you are here maybe four or five years too early. I don’t think you are ready yet.”

“So Andrew, you’re fired.”


But in an interview with The Sun newspaper after his exit, Andrew accused the show of being unfairly edited.

He insisted: "I didn’t swear at the time it was portrayed.

“I’m very p***** off because it was put in at a time to deliberately make me look bad. It is total b******s."

The business wannabe continued: “They used it to tell a storyline – and Sarah went along with it. She did what she had to do. She was probably in the right to do what she did – I don’t hold it against her."

And in a parting shot to the remaining contestants, Andrew added: “Ultimately I am not going to play the tiny violin for myself.

"All I can say is that the candidates left are total weirdos who all buy their own Instagram followers.”

The Apprentice 2017 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.