I'm A Celebrity 2017: Stanley and Toff get to know their campmates in Dingo Dollar Challenge

Duo find out that Rebekah ate her own placenta and Shappi worked as a life model

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Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and Stanley Johnson found out some surprising facts about the I'm A Celebrity 2017 stars in the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge.

Toff and Stanley had the chance to win a treat for their campmates yesterday, with the latter reading out their poetic instructions.


"Correctly answer the questions asked, to learn about your campmates past," the note said. "Guess an answer and pick a face, and Dingo Dollars you will embrace."

The posh duo were given tickets, and had to answer the questions on them by hitting a jungle strength tester machine.

If the mark on the machine landed at the correct answer, a light would illuminate, and once all ten lights were lit, they'd win the Dingo Dollars.

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"I’m very much hoping the questions play to my strengths," Stanley commented. "Philosophy, politics, nature protection, that kind of thing."

Those hopes were dashed when Toff read out the first query: "Which celebrity ate their placenta days after birth?"


"Are you sure they didn't think they were eating polenta?" Stanley pondered.

Their first guess was Shappi Khorsandi, but they found out it was incorrect when they were splattered with paint.

Suddenly, Toff came to a realisation. "Well, Becky [Vardy] had a baby 11 months ago," the Made In Chelsea star suggested.

"It’s actually a real trend to eat your placenta, because Kim Kardashian did it, so I'm gonna say her."

Rebekah turned out to be the correct answer, and soon Stanley and Toff were on a roll.

They discovered that Shappi worked as a life model, Amir Khan got his head stuck in a gate as a child, and Vanessa White appeared in an advert for Cheesestrings.

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Having retrieved the Dingo Dollars, they visited the Outback Shack and chose to exchange the coins for brownies.

Kiosk Keith phoned the Croc Creek camp to pose the teaser question: "What percentage of British people in a relationship felt they were punching above their weight - 56% or 44%?"


The remaining celebs gave the correct answer, 56%, and were over the moon when Stanley and Toff returned with the chocolate treats.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV.

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