I'm A Celebrity 2017: Amir Khan fails to win Meal Ticket after QUITTING first Bushtucker Trial

Boxing champ freaked out when he pulled a snake out of a 'hell hole'

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The I'm A Celebrity 2017 campmates lost out on a Meal Ticket after Amir Khan failed to complete a 'Critter-cal Rescue' of Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo in the first Bushtucker Trial.

In a twist to the ITV jungle show, the contestants' only way to avoid the default diet of rice and beans until further notice is to win a 'Meal Ticket'.


After the three terrifying challenges featured in last night's launch episode, Toff, Jennie McAlpine, Vanessa White and Rebekah Vardy were in possession of the coveted food passes.

Another one was up for grabs yesterday when viewers chose Amir and Toff to face the 'Critter-cal Rescue' Bushtucker Trial.

At the Trial clearing, hosts Ant and Dec explained that it would take place underground in a giant 'termite nest'.

One player would be locked in a chamber, while the other had to search the nest for eight numbered keys.

Once they'd found all the keys, they would be able to unlock the chamber and free the trapped celebrity.


As usual, Amir and Toff also had to contend with various jungle creatures along the way.

If the duo both made it out within ten minutes, one more campmate would be awarded a Meal Ticket.

However, if they failed, all of the celebs - including Meal Ticket holders - would be stuck on basic rations.

After Toff agreed to be sent to the chamber, the Trial began, and hundreds of crickets and cockroaches immediately rained down on the screaming Made In Chelsea star.

Amir quickly found his first two keys in corridors full of maggots and cockroaches - but the third corridor proved to be his downfall.

The boxing champion came across three small holes, unaware that they contained a crocodile, a snake and a mud crab.

He tried the first hole, and was left wincing when the crab bit his hand. "I’ve not screamed this much in my life," he commented.

In the second hole, Amir found a key guarded by a snake. He tried to remove the key, but inadvertently pulled out the snake itself.

Freaked out by the slithering serpent, he muttered the immortal words: 'I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!'

By doing so, he automatically ended the Trial for both players, and lost all of the camp's Meal Tickets.


On the journey back to camp, Amir commented: "I feel bad for the team. I just had to give up, it got so hard."

I'm A Celebrity continues tomorrow at 9.00pm on ITV.

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