I'm A Celebrity 2017: Jennie McAlpine, Vanessa White struggle in terrifying plank-walking task

Six campers suspended 334 feet in the air in their quest for 'Meal Tickets'

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I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! brought back the 334 foot-high planks in the first terrifying challenge - and this year it was double trouble as the celebs competed in pairs.

For the first twist of the 2017 series, the line-up split in to duos, chosen by viewers earlier this week.


To avoid living on rice and beans, each set of 'buddies' must work together to win 'Meal Tickets'.

The first challenge saw Amir Khan, Vanessa White, Jack Maynard, Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo, Jamie Lomas and Jennie McAlpine take a helicopter to the roof of a Gold Coast hotel.

They discovered that bosses had brought back the dreaded plank, suspended from the edge of the building 334 feet above ground - and this time, there was two of them.

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Hosts Ant and Dec explained that they would walk the planks in their pairs, with one member on each.

"Once you’re both in the yellow zone at the end, the red light will turn green," Dec said. "Then, you must hit the button on the top of the light."


However, the duos had to be lightning quick, as the lights only stayed green for a second.

If both members hit their buttons in time, they'd earn a Meal Ticket - but if even one was slightly too early or late, they'd fail.

First up were Jennie and Jamie, but Jennie struggled to make it along her wobbly plank.

Jamie offered words of encouragement to his fellow soap star, who claimed she was more worried about her lack of balance than the daunting heights. "I’m really feeling for her," Toff said.

Eventually they pressed their buttons in time and completed the task, with Jack and Toff next to have a go.

While Toff surprised herself by moving quicker than she expected, Jack froze halfway along.

"Come on darling, I’m waiting for you, come to the yellow box, it’s lovely when you’re here," she encouraged him.

They also successfully secured a Meal Ticket, leaving Amir and Vanessa to take their turns.


They supported each other by moving at the same pace, impressing Toff. "I should have waited for you, it’s so cute!" she told Jack.

Both managed to hit during the green light, but Vanessa panicked when she had to turn around and go back.

"That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I didn’t think I’d make it," said the Saturdays singer once she'd returned to the roof.

With the ordeal complete, the group made their way to the jungle, having won all three Meal Tickets on offer.


Meanwhile, the remaining four celebs were set a separate challenge, involving the traditional I'm A Celebrity skydive and the 'Wretched Wreck'.

I'm A Celebrity 2017 continues tomorrow at 9.00pm on ITV.

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