The Apprentice 2017 spoilers: Candidates head to Belgium for latest task

the apprentice 2017 tx6 spoiler 1

The The Apprentice 2017 candidates head abroad for tonight's task.

As the group head to Belgium, what could possibly go wrong?


This week it’s all aboard the Britannia, as Lord Sugar ships the candidates off to Bruges, but not before Lord Sugar shakes up the teams so that for the first time in the series.

Their task is to plan and execute a bespoke tour of the Belgian city by signing-up paying customers and operating as tour guides; plus to boost cash both teams will sell souvenirs on board the ship home. The team who makes the most money wins!

As they tout tickets for the tour, some candidates ride the wave as others seem to be drowning, and in-team turbulence over sales performance leads to choppy waters ahead.

the apprentice 2017 tx6 spoiler 2


Once on dry land, with the tours in full flow - facts get forgotten, the tour guides get lost and overpromising from the sales team leads to unhappy customers.

Andrew tries to sell his history-focused Bruges tour based on beer tasting, without knowing how much beer they actually have to offer their customers

Team Graphene sell their customers a Segway tour, despite the fact that only a small part of the tour will actually be on a Segway

James remarks on his team’s tour: “Yesterday when we were selling the tickets, we sold it as a tour which will be done on Segways – actually turned out it was a 90 minute walk.”

Meanwhile, Charles gets his tour group lost in an attempt to find St John’s hospital. In the end he has to take advice on directions from a member of the tour group

Andrew remarks on Charles’ directions: “Charles, at what point do we realize that we have gone too far and we need to turn back… It’s not that I don’t have faith in you, I just feel like we’ve been walking for three days now.”


As they set sail back to the UK it’s all hands on deck to top up their takings, shifting souvenirs in a last ditch attempt to win the task.

the apprentice 2017 tx6 spoiler 3

Back in the boardroom Lord Sugar goes full steam ahead, but one person ends up in deep water as he announces – “You’re Fired!”


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