Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey to get their own reality show?

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Love Island and TOWIE duo Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey could be set for their own reality show.

The winning couple from last year’s Love Island split up earlier this year after almost a year together, but the break up was followed by news of a surprise pregnancy.

Now they could be set for their own TV show after making more appearances on TOWIE ahead of the birth.

Cara told Star magazine: “We’re in talks for something at the moment, but nothing is confirmed.

“It would be so different from any other show there, because me and Nathan aren’t properly together. We’d mix it up.”

Cara banters Nathan
Cara banters Nathan

Explaining the current situation between herself and Nathan, Cara went on: “We’re just really good friends and we’ve grown closer because of the baby and we’re in a good place.

“At the moment we’re just good friends and we like it that way. But when the baby comes, who knows what will happen.”

Earlier this year the pair got together to speak about their pregnancy following their split.

Cara explained: “At the start it was worrying because you’re thinking, we’re bringing a baby into the world but we’re not together. It was a hard time but slowly we’ve spent a bit of time together going to appointments.

“Now, even if we didn’t end up getting back together, we’re in such a good place that we know the baby is coming into a nice environment. It’s a relief “

Nathan agreed: “We’re getting on better than ever. It’s not awkward at all. This is the best we’ve got on.”

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Cara and Nathan revealed they were having a baby son.

Cara and Nathan.
Cara and Nathan.

Nathan reacted: “I was so excited, he definitely has my nose.”

Cara said: “Obviously the main thing we wanted was for them to be heathy, but we were leaning toward wanting a boy, so we’re so excited.”

Love Island will return to ITV2 next year while TOWIE currently airs on ITVBe on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

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