Channel 4 says Bake Off viewers prefer the show after its move from BBC One

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Channel 4 say viewers prefer the Great British Bake Off on its new home.

The hit TV series moved channels this year after seven series on the BBC.

And despite viewing figures not matching those seen on BBC One last year, Channel 4 insist that the move has been a hit.

Channel 4’s chief executive told the government’s digital, culture, media and sport select committee this week: “This was not a snatch from the BBC.”

David Abraham added: “Audience feedback and reaction in the media is that many people prefer the show in its new guise than the version on the BBC.

“That is obviously subjective, but I think it has been a successful transfer.”

And the Channel 4 boss revealed acquiring the Bake Off has helped fund less commercial TV content.

He explained: “It is a much-loved show, but like all shows needs to be kept fresh. We haven’t meddled with the format but there has been some imagination applied to the casting.

“It is a commercial hit that draws in audiences that can help pay for other parts of our business that are not profitable. Bake Off helps to pay for Channel 4 News, in effect. We make no apology for acquiring a hit that helps us do that.”

So far Bake Off on Channel 4 has averaged around 6 million viewers an episode, based on overnight data, well down on last year’s BBC series.

However C4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt previously said the show would break even with just 3 million viewers so the channel is sure to be over the moon with the viewing figures so far.

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