RATINGS! Strictly Come Dancing trounces X Factor in latest viewing figures

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Strictly Come Dancing smashed The X Factor in last night's viewing figures as the two shows went head to head.

There was a major overlap between the two episodes and Strictly came on top with ease.


A marathon long opening live show of the BBC One series averaged a whopping 9.4 million viewers last night, peaking with over 10 million viewers.

The hugely impressive figure is well up on last year's opening episodes, which were split across Friday (7.2 million) and Saturday (8.6 million) shows.

Strictly ran between 6:25PM and 8:45PM and pretty much obliterated ITV's Saturday night schedule.

Cannonball fell to just 1.4 million viewers from 2.6 million last week although the Family Chase held up slightly better with 2 million viewers.

The penultimate round of X Factor auditions overlapped Strictly for the first 45 minutes between 8PM and 9:15PM, averaging 4.8 million viewers. Once Strictly was over, X Factor peaked with 6 million viewers.

It's the lowest episode of the series so far and down over 1.5 million viewers week-on-week. It's also 800,000 viewers down on the previous clash with Strictly earlier in the month.

But The X Factor did still come out on top of Strictly in the younger 16-34 demographic.

Last year's equivalent X Factor episode had 7.7 million viewers, however there was no clash with Strictly in 2016.


Unfortunately for the ITV series, the Saturday clashes are set to continue with an even bigger overlap next weekend when Strictly airs to 8:50PM.

For now, the singing competition continues tonight at 8PM with the final round of auditions.

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