Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Mollie King dismisses 'fix' claims

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Mollie King has dismissed claims of a Strictly Come Dancing 'fix'.

The Saturdays singer has insisted she's had no formal training and 'dances like an elephant', in response to the suggestion she's already an accomplished performer.


"People will assume I've had formal dance training but I haven't," popstar Mollie told The Sun newspaper. "When I was in a ballet class aged three they said I danced like an elephant so I played football instead!

"I'm petrified I will tumble down the stairs on Saturday or forget the routine."

Speaking about her dance experience previously, Mollie revealed: "I’ve performed with The Saturdays, but we never really did full on dance routines, it was more just poses or moving around the stage. I’ve never actually done anything like this.

"I went to a ballet class when I was about three and they told my mum that she was wasting her money taking me there because I had no grace at all, so my mum took me out and took me to football class, so I’m hoping I’ll be a bit more graceful now."

Mollie admitted to being "competitive" and said she hoped to last at least until the Blackpool special halfway through the series.

"I want to do as well as I can, I am competitive. I’m so looking forward to it that I’d be really gutted if I went out in the first two weeks or something," Mollie explained.

She added: "I’d love to get as far as possible. I’d love to get to Blackpool but I know obviously that that’s really far off.


"I’d love to get as far in so that I can have soaked up the atmosphere, the costumes, the fake tan, just so that I’ve lapped it all up really."

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 will return to TV later this month for the live shows.

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