Locals blast new reality show Geordie Shore as it launches on MTV to top ratings


Local residents of the Newcastle area have complained about new reality series Geordie Shore, which launched on MTV on Tuesday. Despite the complaints from concerned residents however, the show helped to bring in top ratings for the digital channel with more than 300,000 viewers.

The figures make it the highest rated show on the channel in some time, certainly since the start of the year. The show even managed to out-do competition on big digital channels including E4.


Locals however have been expressing their concern about the show. "We can no longer be proud to have a Geordie accent after these idiots embarrass us on TV," one told The Sun today.

Another viewer added: "I'm mortified to be even vaguely associated with these people! Sort it out MTV."

The first episode on Tuesday night saw fights, nudity and drunken antics in the hot tub.

But one resident of the area moaned: "Hope the idiots in Geordie Shore are hanging their heads in shame. The only thing they have achieved is being hated by the true Geordies."

However one of the show's cast, Sophie from South Shields, said she hoped to make the area "proud" of the show, telling The Sun

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