Gemma Atkinson is hoping for love on Strictly Come Dancing 2017

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Gemma Atkinson is looking for love on Strictly Come Dancing 2017.

The single soap actress laughed off the 'Strictly curse', saying any relationship on the show would be a "blessing".


The TV star told The Sun newspaper: "I’ve been single for ages so there wouldn’t be any curse for me. It would be a blessing.”

Gemma will find out her pro partner for the series tonight and confessed: "Being forced to be face-to-face with someone you’ve just met is mortifying.

“It sounds all lovely. But it’s like doing a scene with one of your mates at Emmerdale.

“On camera it looks good, but when you’re in it and doing it, it’s awkward.”

As for what she's after in her professional dancer, Gemma said: "I’d like somebody that is tall and strong, I’m 5’9, and 11 stone. I’m heavy, that’s a lot to throw around and lift up.

"Someone who’s strict when they need to be but also can have a laugh.


"I don’t like doing things that I don’t enjoy so there has to be an element of fun with it."

So not much then...

Meanwhile, discussing signing up for the show in the first place, Gemma said: "I’m taking part because I want to challenge myself in any way possible really. To be in a sparkly frock with heels on, learning to dance live on a dance floor is way out of my comfort zone.

"Anything to do with the gym I’m comfortable with but anything to do with girly stuff, I’m not.


"Strictly is the show that everyone wants to watch, you can watch it with your niece and nephew or your nanna and grandad. It’s a show that everyone across the country gets behind so I think for me not to do it when it’s offered would be silly. I want to really make the most of the opportunity!"

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 airs tonight at 7PM on BBC One.

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